Custom made buckle bars



Devanet custom make a wide range of buckle bars in different wdths, heights, shapes and finishes to order. From a small buckle bar to the large 100 mm wide buckle bars, the buckle bar can branded with a customers logo and can be created as a feature to the buckle.


The most important criteria when selecting a buckle bar is the shape and profile as this can have a big impact on the way the belt sits when fed through the bar. It is important as well as being aeshetically appealling to be functional so that the belts glides through without rubbing, at the same time is not too loose. As a UK manufacturer we design the buckles bars to match the height of the leather so that the the gap is sufficient to allow both ends of the leather to feed through without scuffing.

Every custom made buckle bar is custom made to fit with the buckle design and special curved shapes to follow the shape of the buckle are possible especially on high value items where every part of the buckle must be considered carefully.

Finishes on the buckle bar are usually designed to match the finish on the buckle body and can be precious metal electroplated or ceramic coated. . Devanet is able to provide a standard range and bespoke solutions for all type of buckle plain or branded with your company logo.




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